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Carol Stansfield, M.B.A., M.A., is a life coach, author and founder of the Center for Life Mastery, a multi-purpose center focused on evolving human consciousness through self-awareness and personal transformation. The center is focused on seven guiding principles that when applied allow for a mastery of your life. The principles have been embraced by people from all walks of life (including physicians, teenagers, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies), as truly life-altering.
About Carol Stansfield

Looking back, Carol can see that coaching has been the common thread that links all her education and life experiences. Formally, her studies include advanced degrees in Management, both in business (M.B.A.) and in Fitness (M.A.). Her passion has always centered on spiritual and personal growth and transformation as well as the connection between the mind, body and spirit. For over thirty years, she read and studied everything from Covey to Ghandi, from Osho to Dyer, which all became a background canvas for her own principles of truth.

Her experience in the business world encompassed companies both large and small, from Fortune 500 Corporations to entrepreneurial small businesses. Holding managerial positions in each, she found the soft skills or the human side of her job to be the most interesting and the most important component of success. She began to see that all people, from CEO to small business owner, were being held back by the same things: fear, self-limiting beliefs and egoistic ideals.

Taking her experiences to a new position with a retail corporation she proposed a training program, the first of its kind, that embraced the foundational principles of leadership and motivation. Seeing the need to integrate more programs to inspire and motivate employees to high levels of success within the company, she subsequently launched several other successful programs.

Working with colleagues and clients through the center, Carol continued her own process of personal growth and transformation. Using the lessons from her own life experiences, she began to distill her own process of spiritual awakening into seven guiding principles. These seven were all encompassing, all that is necessary to transform any life challenge into a positive lesson for growth.

Today, the totality of Carol's life experiences focused her to discover her own life purpose: to teach awareness and empower others to find the truth and meaning in their own lives. She writes, as she coaches, with humility and humor, offering a down-to-earth, practical approach for living from within. Using her life as an example, she speaks from her heart and her personal understanding rather than from an ivory tower kind of ideology.

The Benefits

Time and time again people applying these principles to their lives have experienced dramatic results. They have found their way to happiness, fulfillment and inner freedom. It is Carol’s hope her work may become one of the many stepping-stones on the way to a revolution in consciousness and a new, more meaningful way of living.

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